Your Six Step Guide to Future-Fitting Your Pharmacy

The United Nation’s sustainable development goals are known as the world’s biggest to-do list to solve global societal and environmental problems.

Governments alone cannot achieve this, so collaborative efforts are needed for real, impactful change to occur.

Blooms The Chemist has aligned to Goal number 3 – good health and wellbeing.

Our decision to step up and be part of this challenge is thanks to the culture we’ve built, and we’re making an impact by understanding what people want.

By taking the time to really listen and understand what our team and customers need, we can ensure our operational activity delivers on what really matters to them.

We’re inviting Pharmacists around Australia to join us in being part of the movement, because working in this industry, we all have a responsibility to focus on the health of our people and our planet, and to do our bit to ensure our communities thrive.

Our six step guide to future-fitting your pharmacy outlines key factors to consider to maximise your impact and be part of a better future.

1. Understand your purpose

Your purpose is your “why,” your reason for getting up in the morning, what motivates you beyond making money, what’s truly important to you.

Look inwards, think about what you stand for. This will help you understand your personal purpose, and the things that matter most to you.

For many people, there is a strong connection between personal purpose, and profession. By having meaningful, satisfying work that aligns to your personal values you will feel fulfilled by your work.

Once you are clear on your personal purpose, consider what the purpose of your business might be – why does your pharmacy exist, beyond the products and services it offers?

2. Understand your people

Your people include your team, your customers, and your community. How can you deepen your connection with them and better understand their needs and wants?

What questions might you ask your customers to gauge how well you are doing with meeting their requirements. ?

How can you help your team members understand how they contribute to your business purpose and the wider community – giving them a sense of purpose when they come to work?

3. Consider how you can make your customer’s lives easier

Think about what your pharmacy could offer your customers, beyond the usual scope.

In addition to health services, are there other opportunities to make your customer’s lives easier?

What services are you providing your local community to ensure your business is seen as a true community hub?

4. Sustainability: consider your environmental impact

Acknowledge the role you and your business plays in sustainability and the climate crisis. You have the power to significantly reduce your pharmacy’s environmental impact.

If our individual health is dependent on the health of our planet, we are deeply interconnected with each other’s future. A healthy earth is necessary to support every facet of our lives from careers and livelihoods to mental health and survival.

Small steps make a big difference over time and everyone’s actions can help lead us towards better environmental outcomes for our future.

5. Work to create better health equity

Consider how your own people have access to health equity, as a team member, as a community member, as someone seeking care from your pharmacy.

What are you doing to help improve the health and wellbeing of not only your customers, but your team?

6. Improve connection

In a post-pandemic world, connection is crucially important for customers and our communities.

And this is what pharmacists do best. As the most accessible frontline healthcare workers, you are integral in supporting people through the wave of mental health crises that have arisen over the past two years and will, no doubt, continue to increase.

How can you make community connection your main focus?

What tasks can you delegate or outsource?

What further partnerships could you create to have an even greater impact on your community?

This sixth step is truly the key to future-proofing your pharmacy, as technology and industry disruption is inevitable. We know that machine learning and dispensary robots can never replace the role of a Pharmacist but consider how you will ensure your pharmacy retains the same level of connection and human interaction whilst balancing the introduction of new technology.

And consider first and foremost how you as a leader can support your team and your community.

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