Success stories

A successful, positive and rewarding partnership with Blooms The Chemist feels like...


Meet Theresa –

“I started my journey in pharmacy with Blooms; I did my internship with Blooms because I wanted to work in a place that really cared about its patients and customers, and focussed on the professional services aspects of our industry. And over the years they’ve given me a lot of strategic tools to make better business decisions within the retail space.”

Meet Hassan –

“The financial funding options that Blooms provided me were really flexible and I don’t think I would have been able to become an owner without them.”

Meet Eman –

“My business partner is my mentor, she’s my go-person; she’s now also my best friend. She helped really push me and drive me to become the Pharmacist I am today.”

Meet David –

“Having that extra support makes such a difference. In periods of stress, being able to relate to people, sharing ideas; it makes a big difference.”


Meet Hannah –

“I joined Blooms The Chemist because the network encompasses what I’m passionate about. A big focus on people, and the core values of health and looking after the community.”

Meet Joseph –

“I love people. That’s why I joined Blooms The Chemist – I like that they focus on people.”

Meet Shirin –

“When I became a mum, I couldn’t imagine running my own pharmacy and juggling my family life. But Blooms backed me and I’ve never looked back.”

Meet Craig –

“After more than 15 years with Blooms The Chemist, I’m still inspired by the group’s support and the way mentor each other. I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with younger Pharmacists in the network.”

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