Better Together

Blooms The Chemist at APP '23

Our commitment to Pharmacists

At Blooms The Chemist, we’re united by our commitment to creating greater health and wellbeing for all.

That includes our fellow Pharmacists; people just like you.

But the pandemic, staff shortages, and ongoing industry challenges have taken their toll.

Experienced Pharmacists are leaving the profession in droves.

Pharmacists early in their career are feeling burnt out, disillusioned and unappreciated.

And with the new scope of practice on the horizon, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed, overworked, and undervalued.

Supporting our profession

This APP, we’re inviting Pharmacists to share their thoughts on what they love about the industry and their profession, and what could be improved.

We want to know how we and the industry can better support Pharmacists and make the profession safer and more enjoyable, to improve the experience of Australian Pharmacists and safeguard our Pharmacists’ and industry’s future.

Because at Blooms The Chemist, we understand that it takes a village to deliver better health outcomes for all.

We understand that we’re better together.

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Pharmacist Focus

Looking to score a $2000 or $500 travel voucher so you can finally take that much-needed holiday? Here’s your chance!

We want to know what you love about being a Pharmacist and how can the industry can better support you.

Pharmacist Focus Video Booth

Simply take a seat, complete our short survey, and you’re automatically entered to win a $2000 travel voucher to use on your next adventure or relaxing break.

Pharmacist Focus Online Survey

Camera-shy? You can still win a $500 travel voucher by completing our Pharmacist Focus Online Survey.

Pharmacist to Pharmacist Chat

Help us understand more about your experience as a Pharmacist and explore exciting career opportunities and paths to business growth in a one-to-one chat with Blooms The Chemist CEO Emmanuel Vavoulas.  

Book a one-on-one Pharmacist-to-Pharmacist chat with Blooms The Chemist CEO Emmanuel Vavoulas.

Workshops and Panel Discussions

Become a better networker – interactive workshop

Are you an early career Pharmacist? 

Networking can be key to increasing your career knowledge, job satisfaction and new employment opportunities. It can also be incredibly challenging if you prefer thoughtful conversation to surface-level chit-chat.  

Join our interactive workshop facilitated by Dr Tahnee Bridson and learn how to show up authentically, set boundaries to avoid burnout, and boost your confidence in connecting and communicating with your peers and patients.  

Refreshments and canapes included! 

Friday 25 March, 4.00pm – 5.30pm, Meeting Room 8 (GCCEC)

Better together: Why collaboration and prioritising self-care are key to delivering better patient care.

Join us for an empowering panel session.

With the pharmacy sector experiencing greater pressure in the last few years, this thought-provoking panel session explores the value of industry collaboration and why prioritising our own wellbeing are essential to delivering better patient care and creating a healthier workplace.

Experts inside and outside pharmacy discuss the impact of staff shortages, ongoing industry challenges, extended scope of practice, and the lingering effects of the pandemic on Pharmacists on the frontline. Our panellists provide practical strategies for collaboration amongst healthcare practitioners to improve the profession, and real-world self-care strategies to create a healthier work environment, build resilience and help us thrive through uncertainty and change.

Dr Tahnee Bridson, psychiatrist, founder Hand n Hand Support Inc for healthcare workers, and 2022 Queensland Young Australian of the Year.  

Katrina Cutler, Communications and Engagement Manager, Health Translation Queensland 

Andrew Leslie, Blooms The Chemist Pharmacist-owner 

Pamela Bishop (facilitator), Blooms The Chemist COO 

Saturday 25 March 9.20 – 9.50am, Arena 1A (GCCEC) 

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